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Meditation / Qi Gong Instructor, Energetic Engineer, Author, Lead Clinician, CHI Flow Specialist, Course Creator, Facilitator, Trainer, Mentor and Registered Charity Board Member/Co-Founder.

Born in 1967, Anthony is an entrepreneur, economist, counsellor, breathworker, bodyworker, energetic engineer, event director, musician, DJ, producer & MORA colour practitioner pioneer with decades of experience in drug and alcohol crisis intervention – in often volatile situations; negotiating, advocating & mediating between clients, judiciary, families, police, schools and social services.

A scholarship student of Turning Point and mentored by various masters in several fields, Anthony has pioneered a number of successful programs in juvenile prison & social services. He later pioneered and managed successful private detox & rehab centres.

Anthony is gifted in complex case management and in transitioning people of all ages towards meaningful work and life. He is also a master of more unlisted skills.

After repeated requests from clients and general public, he is releasing his upcoming book in late 2019: “Seeking Spontaneous Re-Mission: Crisis prevention, management and liberation for your life, love and work”.

And through this process? In Anthony’s words:

I regained “myself”.  I got centered in my life.  I have balance I never knew before.  I am calmer and clearer with everyone that I meet and I LIKE the new me..  Somewhere along the way I experienced instant correction of my symptoms and not only left sickness and disease behind, I became a better me.

Masculine Yin Energy meets Feminine Yang Energy

Multi-modality Wellness Practitioner/Instructor, Course Creator, Facilitator, Trainer, Mentor, Author and Registered Charity Board Member/Co-Founder.

Born in 1982, Yeing’s passion in personal development from the age of 12 has led her to research and train with known and hidden masters in the fields of mind-body-spirit medicine, from the Red Desert of Central Australia to Russian epigenetics to Yogic Masters from India, Tibet & USA, to the latest in bio-energy & mindbody(spirit) medicine and more. She is a dedicated lifelong student with more unlisted skills.

Yeing’s experience in weight management; corporate wellness & events; vocational training; rehabilitation, recovery for athletes, celebrities & postnatal mothers and multiple healing modalities lets her bring a wealth of applied wisdom to one-on-one and group sessions in a fun and engaging way.

Her lived experience of Complex PTSD, anxiety & depression from childhood abuse, family violence, rape compelled with a determination to be resilient and thrive regardless of circumstances has inspired many with her devoted service to humanity via designing & implementing innovative peer-to-peer support programs and volunteer work.


Because collectively, we have the lived experience of PTSD, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, chronic illnesses, family violence, sexual assault, rape, oppression, school bullying, workplace bullying, harassment, isolation, betrayal of trust, work burnout, crisis at work, life and love…

Most of us have risen above it all and are now choosing to shine the light on the various pathways out of the crisis of life for those seeking who are respectful and willing to engage.

Those of us who have benefited from this program have been inspired to join this growing movement.

We know what it is like to experience pain, suffering and isolation.

We have also experienced the bliss and joy in liberation of the above-mentioned.

And we wish that for those who are respectfully and proactively seeking.


All who experience “spontaneous remission” from whatever ails them have precisely ONE thing in common.

All have hit their personal FLOW STATE.

Our forthcoming book “Seeking Spontaneous Re-Mission” contains the 9 commonalities universal to ALL people around the world who engaged with their personal FLOW STATE.

Many people approach us asking us exactly what services we offer to the general public and exactly how we achieve our outcomes.

Our answer is simple. We are “Lifestyle Medicine” practitioners.

We specialise in the power of authentic connection.

We are effective and efficient in CONNECTING you to the various wellness practitioners and tailored personal development and wellness education services best suited to your wellness goals.

We are here to assist you in your journey in EMPOWERING yourself with the best tools possible in your life goals.

Our specialisation in natural health and wellness services treat: addictions, anxiety, depression, chronic symptoms, insomnia, learning challenges, mental health issues, vicarious trauma, trauma release.

This website is open to those who are respectful proactive seekers of a balanced and meaningful life of vitality and connection to an authentic and thriving community of conscious collaborators.


One of our key signature programs is the CHI Flow Program, which is articulated in our forthcoming book, “Seeking Spontaneous Re-Mission”.

It is a one size fits all lifestyle medicine program based on ageless wisdom, presented within the innovative talent of our modern context.

Human intelligence on demand and in supply.

But to be crystal clear, in all of Anthony’s years, and he has been doing this for a long time, he has never seen the same program twice, and has been pondering this seeming contradiction deeply.

He wishes to share with you a clue.

The only way the CHI Flow program works is when it resonates with you.

Of which there is only one.


The paradox is the clue. Whenever a paradox is present, you get the juice of empowered life. Only you can make this program sparkle and shine. Hypothesis: That’s why Anthony has never seen the same program twice. Unique as your fingerprints.

We print the CHI Flow program as it is: You decide what you will do and when. We support you. We support your right to self determine. It is sovereign and we respect it. It is our underlying ethos. It is a simple as that. Not to be confused with easy. That is another matter, and, unsurprisingly, entirely dependent on you.

Skills, empowerments, strengths and abilities are skillfully woven into the fabric of your life, You will be encouraged to develop ability’s lowering the resistance to the current of life, literally letting you flow:

  • Positively changing lifestyle.
  • Taking control of your health.
  • Following your intuition.
  • Using food as medicine.
  • Releasing suppressed emotions.
  • Increasing positive emotions.
  • Embracing social support.
  • Deepening your spiritual connection.
  • Have a strong reason for living.

Proceeds of book sales of Seeking Spontaneous Re-mission go towards the charitable works of Community Health Initiative.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to assist where possible.

All the best and more.

Anthony & Yeing 🙂


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