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If you are reading this, you are alive.  The proof is self evident.  We bow to your wow.  According to Mark Twain, American author of note, the two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. Well the first important day has passed.  It’s the second day we aiming for; why are you on the planet.

What is your bright shiny sparkly star?

“When you wish upon a star, does not matter who you are”, so goes the famous tune from Pinocchio. Life is chock a block with suffering, so what makes it worthwhile? To bear up under this load? Identifying your personal bright shiny star.  That’s what.  Identifying your personal transcendent value. Have a strong reason for living. Name it.  Knock, and the door shall be

Stars routinely transcend the horizon. They are brilliant, shiny and something beyond you; not part of the day. Stars represent a transcendent ideal, something that will manifest to you, from within you, when you are quiet enough to listen. That’s what you wish upon. You lift your eyes to the heavens make a pact with the transcendent and what your heart desires will come to you.  The birth of the hero within, begins.

Seekers of Spontaneous Re-mission cultivate a strong reason for living.  Essential.  And with good reason. All people who achieved spontaneous remission from life threatening diseases identified with having a strong reason to live. And therefore they did.  What the mind contemplates the body responds with.

Every single one of us is about 3 bad decisions away from homelessness, or worse. We are all pretty much moving at breakneck speed just to stay in the same place. Identifying with something transcendent is a key. It gets us off the coal face of the daily “mundane” and puts the “cosmic” into clear personal view.

The crystal ball indicates that fortune will favor you, if you care to leave the past behind.

Beyond illusion and doubt

Why do you want to change?  Why do want to live? Confide in me; what is your bright, shiny, sparkly star?  So goes Anthony’s opening gambit in countless counseling sessions over 25 years of service.  Why does he incessantly ask this of clients when first meeting them?  Simple.  Without a strong reason to live, eventually, given enough time, there will be no life. Such is the nature of evolution.

We are going to go out on a limb here, follow if you dare: All on this planet have purpose. From a blade of grass to you reading this article. Your are literally “star stuff, harvesting sunlight”.  It is not a metaphor it is LITERAL.  You really are. This quote is from American Cosmologist, the late Carl Sagan. As far as intelligent human beings go, he was top end of the academic tree. So when Carl Sagan informs you, that you, your family, everyone you know, your pets, the trees, the rocks and everything else on this planet is essentially made of star stuff, and additionally that you are constantly harvesting star light, you may as well go with the flow with this liberating information; assimilate and accommodate.

That which creates the stars, of which you are literally made, created you. Thou art that.  It is a phenomena universally acknowledged by the wisdom traditions of old, in the modern times through religious beliefs, it is known by many names.  It is our divine essence, the spark of life within, the infinite reserve of pure potential.

The divine takes human form to fulfill a purpose.  All physical manifestation has a spiritual purpose. We are spiritual beings who have come into the physical dimension for a reason.  The reason? Your individual life purpose. Your life purpose reflects your being and the living of your divine essence. You will most certainly want to do it, when you love it.

Reality as it is

Socrates taught a thousand years ago that there is an absolute, universal truth or good, beyond mere speculation and opinion, that could be known clearly and with certainty. He taught all who would listen to engage in self-examination and tend to their souls. Even today, many have heard of Socrates’ instruction to “know thyself,” but what does it mean?

Philosophy, the school of inquiry that Socrates is most famously associated with, comes from the two Greek words “philo” (to love) and “sophia” (wisdom). So philosophy is love of wisdom or knowledge. In that sense, we are all philosophers, because we all, from time to time, wonder what it’s all about. Perhaps this sense of wonder comes from going camping in the bush and looking up at night and seeing the vast array of bright, sparkly, shiny stars.

Transcending barriers

In a fundamental sense personal behavioural change is a “what are you prepared to give up, to get what you want” kind of question.  So what do you want becomes the prime key question in contemplation and planning phase of initiating personal change.  It is a crucial phase and only a truthful answer will allow the unfolding of long term positive change to occur.

Commitment means sacrifice.  Sacrifice what? That which is of most value to you currently, that is stopping you. Lack of wellness reflects that you are blocking your divine essence whilst on the planet. In the west we call this disconnection from life purpose depression or anxiety. On the other hand if life purpose is lived, you be fully healthy, living in divine essence.

So why do we choose to come to the planet with this purpose? Simple. To experience a finite existence (all life on this planet eventually dies) to experience the wonder of the infinite.  Or, to provide your essence as part of the finite and connect the essence of others thereby experiencing the wonder of the infinite. Or, to experience “perceived” limitations to know that limitations do not exist, again experiencing the wonder of the infinite. To experience the “Cosmic” in the face of the mundane.

Re-purpose your mission

Chances are good that you probably spent the first half of your life developing into what you are not.  The “not self”.  Relax, as you may spend the opportunity of the rest of your life to become what you really are.  This is the observance of C.J. Jung, famed Swiss psycho-analyst. It is worthy of consideration.

All too frequently we get so wrapped in satisfying the demands of modern life that we become “Human Doings”, not the “Human Beings” we are designed to be.  Relax.  Perhaps your purpose is just to BE.

The last word belongs to Viktor Frankl, student of Sigmund Freud, neurologist, psychiatrist as well as a Holocaust survivor. Somehow. Best selling author of Man’s Search for Meaning. Among many meaningful contributions he is known for the following question directed toward patients who found themselves way down the rabbit hole of suicidal thoughts; “Why don’t you kill yourself”. It is a profoundly dark question, and one worthy of consideration. By answering it, you may be quite surprised at the result. It may make you feel lighter. And in the process, your “meaning in life” will emerge.  A simple task, yes.  Easy, no.

No matter how bad it gets, and at some stage it will get bad, say “yes” to life.  Have faith in the structure of existence and go forth, live your purpose, identify your strong reason for living.

There is always a way a:)