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What is Lifestyle Medicine? And how does it relate to a Seeker of Spontaneous Re-Mission? Positively changing your lifestyle in favour of medicinal or therapeutic thinking is the foundation upon which an episode of spontaneous re-mission may occur. It is a big topic and we like to give you the following context to make sense of it: Look to your current lifestyle with a sharp therapeutic eye, treat yourself as though you are caring for another, put your personal health needs as the priority.

If you want to learn what you need to in order to self-care, seek out information experts and give yourself the knowledge and tools to do just that. And you can, because technology has given everyone who has access to it, the ability to learn, know, and understand more than ever before.

All Seekers of Spontaneous Re-Mission want the tools and support to be able to treat ourselves. We are part of a global phenomenon; the self-care mindset shift.

With our thanks, and your permission, we attempt a Lifestyle Medicine definition.


Contemporary Western Medical Model

What is Lifestyle Medicine? A clinical discipline involving the therapeutic use of lifestyle interventions predominantly in the management of chronic disease (1). To prevent or treat, by the application of environmental, behavioural, medical and motivational principles, lifestyle related health problems such as poor nutrition, low physical activity, lack of social support and chronic stress.

That’s the Western Medical model as we know it. Please note the strong hint of Holism here. From the Greek word Holos, meaning “all’, “whole” or “entire”; it is the idea that what makes you up (physical, biological, chemical, social, economic, mental, linguistic), and their properties ought to be viewed as wholes, not just as a collection of parts.

1. The emergence of “lifestyle medicine” as a structured approach for management of chronic disease, Garry J Egger, Andrew F Binns and Stephan R Rossner, Med J Aust 2009; Lifestyle Medicine definition

Ancient Greek Medical Model

Another lifestyle medicine definition: Constantly intertwining the spiritual with the physical, the giant names of ancient medicine Asclepius, Aristotle, Galen,

Ancient-greek-doctorsHippocrates put forward theories and practices that believed health was affected by the humors (blood, phlegm, yellow and black bile), geographic location, social class, diet, trauma, beliefs, and mindset. Further, believing that healing was a gift from the Gods of Olympus, with illness marked down as “divine punishment” by same. Lifestyle Medicine appears; live in “accord”, or suffer the consequences. Harsh, but fair.

Perhaps their most endearing gift being the Hippocratic Oath, foundation ethic of most modern medicine practitioners; “do no harm”.

Ancient Ayurvedic Medical Model

Another Lifestyle Medicine definition: Originating in ancient India, literally meaning “life” and “sacred knowledge”, it essentially promotes wellness in a holistic context to optimise well-being rather than get you to a state beyond sickness. Ayurvedic doctors regard physical, and mental existence, and personality as their own units, with each element being able to influence the others. Lifestyle as a way of medicine is considered commonplace in therapeutic recommendations and concerns.

Intriguingly, Ayurveda is known as a discipline of the upaveda or “auxiliary knowledge”. The Vedic tradition is a deeply religious, sophisticated and intelligent system, implying that if you are off your soul’s path, or life purpose awry, you will probably get sick and you will eventually need the “book of other” to get assistance.

Lifestyle-medicine-aryuvedaClever context. Big clue for a Seeker of Spontaneous Re-Mission. Ayurveda is one of the few systems of medicine developed in ancient times that is still widely practiced today.

Ancient Taoist Medical Model

Another Lifestyle Medicine definition: Of ancient Chinese origin, the roots of Taoism are humanity deep. Drawing cosmological notions from the School of Yinyang, influenced by an ancient text the I Ching, Taoism expounds a system that teaches how to keep your human behavior in accordance with the alternating cycles of nature.


Taoist masters only talk about the “way”, they don’t talk about the goal at all. They say the goal will take care of itself, you need not worry about the goal. If you know the way, then you know the goal. The Ancient Taoist masters are implying, you have to find the “way”. Also, known as path, route, road, doctrine, principle or holistic beliefs, Tao is a great rebellion, it respects the individual, the unique, your personal freedom.

Unsurprisingly, routine therapeutic considerations in Taoist medicine include diet, seasonal factors, exercise, creativity, hydration and your natural bodily rhythm. This intuitive knowing of “life” cannot be grasped as a concept; it is known through actual living experience of one’s everyday being.

Lifestyle medicine appears again. This time as a kind of organic rebelliousness, of being at the heart of the natural order of the universe whose character your personal human intuition must discern in order to realise the potential for your individual health, freedom and wisdom; the concept “Wu Wei” is applied in naturalness, simplicity and spontaneity, tending to emphasize action without intention. More clues for Seekers of Spontaneous Re-Mission.

Lifestyle as Medicine is Original Medicine

Nothing new under the sun and what goes around comes around. Ancient concepts. Modern context. The savvy West is onto it. The respectful East all over it. Lifestyle Medicine is a new concept in Western medicine, but it has been a foundation pillar for literally for thousands of years supporting the sophisticated cosmological views of ancient medicinal traditions, both Oriental and Occidental.

Seekeing-Spontaneous-RemissionLifestyle Medicine is literally Original Medicine. The oldest medicine on earth, it has millennia of proven results, it has a growing evidence base in the modern time and it is truly holistic. Healthy lifestyle medicine as a way of being. Healthy Lifestyle Medicine as a new way of you thinking about you.

Positively changing your lifestyle is simply taking responsibility for you, and you need to do your part. Lifestyle Medicine is primarily nested in the idea of living in a way that keeps you so very content that your body can fight off preventable symptoms of any nature.

According to the original thinking of the Ancients health is holistic, everything connected. Your body likes routine, nutritious food, quality sleep and you like a purposeful life. Your body follows a daily rhythm, and if you do too, your body can do the best job possible for you.

Lifestyle Medicine IS Original Medicine. Let the rebellion commence. You are in charge, and you have the power of creation located within you to get the job done. And then some, as we shall find out.