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Our First Book, “Seeking Spontaneous Re-Mission

All who experience spontaneous remission from whatever “ails” them have precisely ONE thing in common.

All have hit their personal FLOW STATE.


Our forthcoming book “Seeking Spontaneous Re-Mission” contains the 9 commonalities universal to ALL people around the world who engaged with their personal FLOW STATE and achieved remission.

Many people approach us professionally asking us exactly what services we offer to the general public and exactly how we achieve our outcomes. Our answer is simple. We are “Lifestyle Medicine” practitioners. We specialise in the power of authentic connection.

We are effective and efficient in CONNECTING you to the various wellness practitioners, specialised products and tailored personal development and wellness education services best suited to your wellness goals. We are here to assist you in your journey in EMPOWERING yourself with the best tools possible in your life goals. Our specialisation in natural health and wellness services treat; addictions, anxiety, depression, chronic symptoms, insomnia, learning challenges, mental health issues, vicarious trauma, trauma release.

This website is open to those who are respectful proactive seekers of a balanced and meaningful life of vitality and connection to an authentic and thriving community of conscious collaborators. One of our key signature programs is the CHI Flow Program, which is articulated in our forthcoming book, “Seeking Spontaneous Re-Mission”.


It is a one size fits all lifestyle medicine program based on ageless wisdom, presented within the innovative talent of our modern context. Human intelligence on demand and in supply. But to be crystal clear, in all of the years we have been doing this, we has never seen the same program twice. The only way the CHI Flow program works is when it resonates with you.

Of which there is only one.


The paradox is the clue. Whenever a paradox is present, you get the juice of empowered life. Only you can make this program sparkle and shine. We write the rules of spontaneous remission as they are: You decide what you will do and when. We support you. We support your right to self determine. It is sovereign and we respect it. It is our underlying ethos. It is a simple as that. Not to be confused with easy. That is another matter, and, unsurprisingly, entirely dependent on you.

Skills, empowerment’s, strengths and abilities are skillfully woven into the fabric of your life. You will be encouraged to develop ability’s lowering the resistance to the current of life, literally letting you flow.

Now I need to tell you an interesting story…the year is 2016, I am sitting in our then clinic (Naturalis, sanctuary to the seeker, rebel base headquarters to me) and am reading, which I like to to.  I chance upon an article by Kelly Turner, and I am fascinated.  Now a best selling author, Kelly studied the phenomena of spontaneous remission within the field of oncology and an extract from her book, caught my eye.

Kelly Turner’s classic in this field is available here: Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

When I finished the article I nearly fell off my chair.  The very same key factors were being applied by us therapeutically with our clients on a daily basis affecting long lasting positive change.  Wow!  What a wonderful validation.  3 years later my partner and I write a clever “Why, How, What & What if” book on this very topic, from the point of view of any human seeking to regain their balance in life.

The Rules

Positively changing lifestyle.
Taking control of your health.
Following your intuition.
Using food as “medicine”.
Releasing suppressed emotions.
Increasing positive emotions.
Embracing social support.
Deepening your spiritual connection.
Have a strong reason for living.

The Book Cover

Seeking Spontaneous Re-Mission

The cover and font is really striking – I love it! I found myself reading the title and then the sub-title and still not understanding what the book is about. With books, we DO judge a book by it’s cover and sometimes an overly tricky or pun-based name can be an obstacle to communicating your message directly to your audience.

The image of the bird/dragon made me think it was a book about spirituality but the “re-mission” made me wonder if it was about cancer recovery? And then “crisis-prevention” made me think maybe it was a business book?

More generally, the subtitle seems to arch very broadly across every aspect of our shared experience of life. So we have a crossroads moment. Do we suggest getting pointier and punchier with our title and sub-head. Or soldier on as we are.  We choose soldier on and work our way around the obstacle of potential reader confusion.  And here’s why: the mild confusion we are creating is perfect for learning something new.  Confusion being one of our most important shared ideal learning states (more on that later).  We feel that the first impulse of any prospective reader/browser is to flip the front and read the back cover…

The Back Cover

We are the all of us traumatised on some level or other.  Some severely, others less so and some hardly at all.  But we share the common experience that tragedy can and probably will, if it hasn’t already, blindside us some idle weekday afternoon.  We are, the all of us, about three bad decisions away from homelessness.  We, the all of us will experience the pain of loss, the helplessness of watching people we love suffer and die.  We, the all of us, are generally busy working, often moving fast just to stay in the same place.

Seeking Spontaneous Re-Mission is clever.  The secrets of over coming fatal outcome life threatening illness’s are precisely the same as the secrets for creating a preferred, personal, family friendly lifestyle.  Rich in health (your only true capital asset in this life) with ever heightening levels of awareness (your only true currency in this life).  Whether it be a tough case of Post Modern Stress Disorder (PMSD) or the despair of incomprehensible loss, the principles of spontaneous re-mission are of universal application.  By following this guidebook, you may postion yourself ahead of the curve.  Prevent the “crisis” before it happens, manage the “crisis” effectively if it does (and they do). Move consistently towards better health day by day by

If nothing is going right, turn left

If you are in bad place that’s ok.  So long as you are trying to make it better.

You may start with this;


Repeat as many times as you feel to do.  Lots if needs be.

The full program is available here: The Silva Mind Control Method, Jose Silva

It is the book that Anthony started with and is a classic of mental house cleaning.  Game changer.  Anthony’s personal favorite is the following: You the Healer: The World-Famous Silva Method on How to Heal Yourself and Others

If you are in a good place, great!  Keep doing what you can to make it even better. Buy our book for instance.

If you are in an excellent place, keep going don’t stop, and still buy this book. Every marginal help counts.

Here’s the deal…You inform us. We inform you.

Good deal.

Better and better,  all the love under the Sun.

Yeing & Anth:)