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If you don’t, who will? Start with this. Head to the mirror, remembering these words: “I am in charge of my health”. Repeat at least 3 times into the mirror and catch your right eye whilst repeating, “I am in charge of my health” If you have never done this before, repeat as many times as necessary until it “fits”, like a new piece of clothing. If you have done it before and need reminding then do it again. If you are, by your own reckoning “in charge”, then read on.

Taking charge. Every gesture has a reason and every reason has meaning. Reaffirming your will to live, saying “yes” to life, requires courage. Soon after comes the action, courageous as it may turn out to be. If your truly seek Spontaneous Re-mission, for whatever plagues you, taking charge of your health is foundational. Simple, yes. Easy, no. Courage is not the absence of fear, more correctly courage is the connection to the presence of fear and doing what frightens you anyway.

You belong to a species that has confronted virtually limitless fears over countless years and surprised itself, constantly with displays of courage, defeating said fears, rewarding itself with deepened understanding, an upswell of awareness in our minds perceptional realm. It is quite the tradition to which you belong.

Adopting a Lifestyle Medicine approach is HOW your courageous action most efficiently unfolds. Courage, comes from the heart. The word courage is derived from Latin, “cor” meaning heart. Tapping the will from within. So get prepared. It is power. Warriors, it is said, have two pathways in life, get killed or get better. Starting simply enough we will cover 5 broad areas that contain the 9 commonalities of Spontaneous Re-Mission.

Self regulation is the first step

Discipline is a scary word at first. A compound word, again rooted in Latin meaning to “learn”. Using wordplay we break discipline down into disciple /within (discipline). Now discipline means “ready to learn from within”. Simple and a lot less scary. Discipline is good for you. It helps you control your life. Personal discipline is much like a muscle. Squeeze and let go. Squeeze and let go. Change your disciplines often to keep them fresh. Too much of the same leads nowhere. Even have periods of no discipline as this leads to the best outcomes. Ironic hey.

Self regulation starts with you. Establishing your personal position, brings a sense of “I belong”. We can harness this sense through meaningful planning, and the establishment of empowering daily routines. By opening your mind and heart to an empowering daily routine you are literally affirming that you are prepared to break out. Break out of what? The trapped, stagnant or life threatening place you may currently find yourself in.

Lifestyle medicine disciplines fitting in with the natural earthly rhythms unfolding around you. The Sun comes up, the Sun goes down, and in between there are phases of the day that favor certain activities, and if harnessed correctly yield happiness and sense of direction. If not, then frustration and anger will be the inevitable outcome. Engaging in the smooth flow of daily energy starts with you.

The responsibility of being one’s self

Move it or lose it as the saying goes. When confronted with life threatening or depleting situations, restorative exercise is one place to start. If you can’t exercise just yet, don’t worry, the time will come. If you are looking to move beyond the simplicity of restorative (and I do restorative exercise daily for like 15 years) then seek for transformational exercise. Which, is also restorative in its nature.

Exercise and meditation. Move your body, by design it is meant for hunting and gathering. When your body is flexible, so shall your mind be, if you are super clever you can combine them both for a double whammy. The upside of exercise which suits you is transformation, a feeling of letting go and a deeper feeling something like the acceptance of “Now”

The flip side is sadness and grief. The inevitable feelings that follow lack of motive force.

Transformative exercise comes in many useful forms, pick the one that suits you best and commit to daily routine. Whether it be cardio-vascular (walking, running, swimming, riding), weight bearing or resistance work, martial arts, yoga qigong Pilates the list goes on. It will be important to pick a couple and do them.

Meditation, controlled relaxation, guided visualisation. Essential skills that need be learned.

Your body is your very own healer

Pay attention to your Diet as it is the root note for a healthy body, emotional stability and mental clarity. Control the chaos with food. There are many stories, I like this one: Mikhaila Peterson suffered her life with long term degenerative dis-ease. Radically changed her diet. Shazam, life in flow. Take an active interest in what goes into your body. Perhaps find out your blood type then research foods that are beneficial for you. Take charge. Start to change the way you think about food and try this: “I use food as medicine”.

The benfits of using food as medicine are emotional stability and mental clarity. The flip side for people on poorly attuned diets is generally emotionally reactive, often “scattered” and possibly confused. Correct diet, appropriate nutrition. Keys.

Do you have a support team?

Who’s got your back? Where does support come from? Two places. Internally is the first area of support. Healthy organs give a feeling of internal support. Particularly your kidneys. Kidneys love hydration, so drink water. Cool fresh still water. Every day. In addition, you will find use in complimenting diet with supplements and herbs to tonify blood. In Lifestyle medicine terms blood has the combined qualities of physical and energetic properties – functions to nourish and vitalise the whole body. Healthy blood is characterised by a radiant complexion, lustrous hair, sharp senses, well-developed muscles and coordinated motor skills. The feeling of internal support can be characterized as “get up and go” or confidence in potential self. Willpower lives in your blood and without the vibrancy of internal support the most likely outcome will be fear and weakness, or worse, dread and terror. Or worse again.

The next support is of the external kind. You are homo sapiens by design, and a pack animal indeed. Some socialisation is required and embracing social support is not just recommended, it is needed. The human energy field to which you belong is a two-way street. To have this field serve you, you will need to serve it. Reciprocal arrangement.

The benefit of a network of social support, improves the ability to cope with stressful situations, alleviates the effects of emotional distress, gets past the mental distress of isolation and promotes lifelong good mental health. We are at our best when we serve humanity best. This is easy to validate. Try it and scope the results. You will not be disappointed.

A guide for the advanced human; Care for your soul

No way around it, you got one, so sayeth Socrates, therefore nurture it. Creative engagement is the key. A nurtured soul yields joy and excitement. An un-nurtured soul yields depression and anxiety. Sing, dance, paint, draw, write, make music, crafts, poetry, cooking, knitting, carpentry, metalwork or whatsoever floats your boat.
 Love and forgiveness.
 Clinical practitioner assistance as needs be. Take care of yourself as though you were caring for another. Take this soul of yours seriously.


  • Take charge of your health by saying so. Focus on what you can do and do it.
  • Learn to self regulate
  • Be responsible for yourself, you are generating or manifesting or projecting or reflecting your experience of life
  • Your gifted body knows what it wants so start listening to it
  • Support yourself internally and externally
  • Nuture yourself

We mentioned simple. Easy is up to you.